Wilhelm Freund (The month of january 27, 1806 – June 4, 1894) would be a German Jewish philologist, born at Kempen.

He received his education at Berlin and Breslau, and it was chiefly occupied in teaching until 1870, as he upon the market to be able to devote themself to his literary pursuits. Besides classical school-books and a few creates philology, he compiled a more sophisticated Latin dictionary in 4 volumes, the Worterbuch der Lateinischen Sprache (1834-45), that has been the foundation from the standard British-Latin dictionaries within the 1800s. It had been converted into British by Ethan Allen Andrews in 1850 and revised (with Freund’s own assistance) because the grounds for Lewis and Short’s A Latin Dictionary. Also, he authored:

Additionally to his operate in philology, Freund was involved with Jewish education as well as in political activism for that legal rights from the Jewish community within the Kingdom of Prussia. He died in Breslau.