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Vortex is really a sci-fi novel by American-Canadian author Robert Charles Wilson, printed in This summer 2011. It’s the third book within the Spin series, following a Hugo award-winning Spin and Axis.

The chapters from the book alternate between two timelines: one roughly 4 decades following a occasions of Spin and yet another roughly 10,000 years following a occasions of Axis.

Reviewer David Mead writes that readers can be really happy with the ultimate adventure:

Wilson supplies a hopeful conclusion to some narrative that foresees the dying of existence on the planet, first because of global global warming after which from the destructive growth of the dying sun once the Hypotheticals take away the barrier which has protected the earth. In each one of the novels from the trilogy, the wondrous occasions that precipitate the storyline – the imposition from the barrier, the Archways, the expertise of existence aboard a huge floating archipelago that sails from Equatoria to some destroyed Earth – are registered or as reported by finely attracted figures.