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Condition Route 147 (SR 147) is really a condition highway serving the Vegas Valley in southern Nevada. It’s signed as Lake Mead Boulevard and runs from Interstate 15 (I-15) and U.S. Route 93 (US 93) in North Vegas east towards the border from the Lake Mead National Entertainment Area. It’s not to be mistaken with Lake Mead Parkway (formerly Lake Mead Drive), that also would go to Lake Mead but mainly runs in southern Vegas Valley and carries the designation of Condition Route 564.

Lake Mead Boulevard grew to become a condition highway in 1978, however the highway didn’t have markers published to recognize it as being a condition highway.

Condition Route 147 begins at Interstate 15 and U.S. Route 93 in North Vegas. After that, SR 147 comes with an intersection at Vegas Boulevard (SR 604) and Social Center Drive (former SR 607). Traveling further east, SR 147 leaves the town of North Vegas because it enters the unincorporated capital of scotland- Sunrise Manor where it’s intersections at Lamb Boulevard and Nellis Boulevard (SR 612). The highway then leaves the unincorporated capital of scotland- Sunrise Manor because it travels with the Frenchman Mountain on its northern slope. The street then curves right into a southeastern direction in which the highway ends close to the Lake Mead NRA as Lake Mead Boulevard continues past the highway’s eastern terminus.

SR 147 first seems around the official Nevada condition highway map using the 1978-79 edition like a semi-circular route. The path adopted Lake Mead Boulevard (that was formerly unnumbered) eastward from North Vegas to Northern Coast Road within the Lake Mead National Entertainment Area south on Northern Coast Road (replacing SR 41A) to Lakeshore Road then west on Lakeshore Road (later Lake Mead Drive, now Lake Mead Parkway), replacing a part of SR 41. The terminus what food was in Lakeshore Road and Boulder Highway (then US 93/US 95, now SR 582). The highway ongoing west of Boulder Highway as SR 146.

The northern section along Lake Mead Boulevard lacks the SR 147 designator around the 1983-84 and 1985-86 maps. However, it’s back around the 1987-88 map, so it’s unclear whether it was a roadmap error or maybe a planned decommissioning that wasn’t transported out.

Around the 1998-99 map, the southern portion of SR 147 (along Lake Mead Drive) was substituted with an eastward extension of SR 146 (now SR 564). The whole period of SR 147 has become on Lake Mead Boulevard, using the eastern terminus truncated towards the northern border from the Lake Mead National Entertainment Area.

The whole route is within Clark County.

RTC Transit Route 210 functions about this road.

Route map: