Richard Farman (1872-1940) was an Anglo-French aeronautical engineer, aviator, and oldest from the Farman siblings who have been pioneers of early aviation. He was also known as Dick Farman while using then popular sobriquet instead of the formal Richard.

Born in Paris, France to British parents, he was the oldest boy[note 1] of the well to complete newspaper correspondent working there. Together with his siblings he was educated both at home and these were permitted unusual freedom to follow along with personal interests. Together with his brother Henry, who had been also trained being an engineer, he setup Paris’s largest automobile agency, the Palais de l’Automobile, getting Delauney-Bellevilles, Panhard-Levassors, and Renaults. Together they authored The Aviator’s Companion printed in 1910 describing their early flying achievements.

He grew to become an electric engineer and built the very first electric trams in South america, in Rio de Janeiro. He was a writer of numerous technical creates engines, also an aviator in 1914 to 1918, and it was a director of the aircraft factory in Lyon.

After The First World War, he founded Avions H.M.D. Farman,[note 2] also referred to as Farman Aviation Works, together with his two more youthful siblings Henri and Maurice in Boulogne-Billancourt.

Dick focused on the company side of manufacture at Societe Anonyme plusieurs Usines Farman as well as their air travel [note 3] which grew to become a part of Air France in 1933. He’s rarely pointed out in many Farman tales in later days.

Regardless of his scientific understanding and methods, he worked with administrative and commercial services. Now aged 65 Dick upon the market following the French nationalization of their aircraft industry in 1937 ended their independence, the siblings refusing to stay as employees. Dick Farman died in Paris 31 The month of january 1940.