Image by/from The Fisheries and Fisheries Industries of the United States”, by George Brown Goode (1887).








Pomfrets are perciform fishes of the family Bramidae. The household presently includes 20 species across 7 genera.

They’re found globally within the Atlantic, Indian, and Off-shore Oceans, in addition to numerous seas such as the Norwegian, Mediterranean, and Ocean of Japan. Almost all species are available in our prime seas. However, fishes within the genera Pterycombus and Pteraclis are usually found off continental shelves. Further, fishes within the genus Eumegistus are hypothesized to become largely benthic and located to occupy deep water shelves.

Considering that these fishes are broadly distributed, they’ve acquired numerous common names that unsurprisingly rely on locality.

From Mead, 1972 :

Some types of pomfrets can also be known as monchong, particularly in Hawaiian cuisine.

Several species are essential food sources for humans, especially Brama brama within the South Asia. The sooner type of the pomfret’s name was “pamflet”, a thing which most likely ultimately originates from Portuguese pampo, talking about various fish like the blue butterfish (Stromateus fiatola). The fish meat is white-colored colored.