Image by/from Doc Searls

Pearce Ferry (sometimes incorrectly spelled Pierce Ferry) marks the boundary between Lake Mead and also the Grand Gorge, in which the low sandy banks round the lake cave in to imposing, colorfully layered coves that enclose the Colorado River for the following 277 miles upstream. Lake Mead, and every one of its sights, is managed through the Park Service and open to the general public for recreational purposes. A ferry was operated here through the Pearce family beginning around 1876.

The Ferry is situated in the finish from the 52 mile Dolan Spring road, beginning from US Route 93 midway between your Hoover Dam and Kingman.

This road can also be the use of Meadview, Arizona.

Coordinates: 36°6′54.49″N 113°59′48.79″W / 36.1151361°N 113.9968861°W / 36.1151361 -113.9968861