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Michael Mead (born 4 June 1956) is really a professional ballroom dance champion and choreographer.

Michael Mead, born in Croydon, England, spent his early years going with his family go to schools overseas. At 18, completed with school and unclear about what he wanted to complete professionally, Michael made the decision to test his hands at accounting. After rapidly creating that possibly the final factor he wanted ended up being to spend the remainder of his existence auditing, Michael signed up for an instructor training class in a local dance studio, and it was offered employment for only six several weeks of dance training.

The lust for travel drilled into Michael in the early years soon required hold, ultimately leading him to California, where he opened up Londance, now among the top competitive dance studios within the U.S., in Costa Mesa, California. Though Michael offered his possession be part of 1989 to be able to focus on the serious quest for an aggressive dance career, he is constantly on the educate there (and also at Champion Ballroom Academy in North Park) even today.

Michael created an expert partnership with Toni Redpath and created a unique style that ultimately brought these to setting an archive by winning outdoors Titles four years consecutively (undefeated throughout) before retiring from competition in 2002. On September 28, 2000, Toni and Michael were married around the island of Kauai. Presently the pair are located in North Park and coach most of the U.S. top competitive couples, in addition to knowing for competitions and traveling the planet doing shows.

Michael and Toni make numerous appearances on television and movie. Noticably TV credits are as choreographers on FOX Which Means You Think You Are Able To Dance, featured dancers and champions on PBS America’s Ballroom Challenge and Championship Ballroom Dancing, as well as in the feature film Dance beside me.