The sixth number of the British television drama series Waterloo Road started broadcasting on 1 September 2010, and ended on 6 April 2011 on BBC One. The series follows the lives from the faculty and pupils from the Eponymous school, a failing inner-city comprehensive school. It includes twenty episodes, split into two half number of ten episodes each. The sixth series achieved typically 5.11 million viewers within the ratings.[N 1]

The appearance of dynamic new mind teacher Karen Fisher heralds a brand new start for that school. Opinionated and ambitious, Karen is decided to create change, making Waterloo Road a secure and vibrant spot to learn. However, Karen’s steely exterior masks a much deeper fragility as she and her family wrestle having a recent tragedy. Karen’s first challenge in the school arrives by means of the Kirbys – sixth-former Jonah and 13-year-old genius Ruth – who’ve both been home-schooled by their father, Marcus. Marcus’s ex-wife, Hannah, wants her children to see mainstream schooling, but he’s little belief within the condition education system. While Jonah relishes the chance to create new buddies and also have new encounters, high-achiever Ruth feels she gets little to understand and shortly takes matters into her very own hands by running away. Meanwhile, Chris has rested having a girl known as Jess, however when he gets to the college he’s horrified to understand that she’s not just a Sixth Form student but Karen’s daughter.

Cesca is attracted right into a complicated situation that threatens to finish her career. Meanwhile, Grantly’s more and more slovenly conduct causes concern for Ruby, who’s facing her very own problems by means of Janeece and John’s blossoming friendship. Cesca’s honest approach in her own drugs-awareness class backfires when Sambuca involves her requesting money to purchase drugs. Sam’s intentions are great, however she would like to purchase the drugs from Amy and Lauren after which discard them to be able to safeguard her buddies. The ever-manipulative Amy does not trust Mike and hatches a more sophisticated intend to frame her. Facing exclusion, Mike depends on the honesty of her closest friend, Lauren, while Cesca’s status is based on tatters as Karen struggles to solve the reality.

When Chris launches an effort plan to equip the classrooms with Closed-circuit television there’s uproar among both staff and pupils. Jonah is outraged as he learns the staff room does not possess a camera and, together with Ronan, hatches an agenda to reveal the hypocrisy from the plan, unwittingly stumbling upon Jess’s and Chris’s secret along the way. In awe of his discovery, he quickly hurts a bewildered Jess before launching themself at Chris in the center of the corridor. Because the pair anxiously try to hide the reality from Karen, Chris realises he or she must stop running in the truth. As Karen is confronted with an enormous decision, Marcus Kirby offers a shocking further ultimatum to her. What’s going to Karen do? Elsewhere, through the assistance of Jonah and Ronan’s grown Closed-circuit television camera within the staff room, Grantly’s shocking home existence is uncovered towards the year 11s, who taunt him about this at school, and push him to his wits finish. Eager for help, he seeks the use of a former friend, and should decide where Fleur’s future lies.

It is the final day’s term, having a charitable organization fundraising event inspiring pupils into unique ideas. Grantly and Steph take Fleur to go to the things they hope is going to be her new care home. However, instructions in the council to Grantly informs him that Fleur doesn’t be eligible for a any kind of pension, and therefore he or she must spend the money for full quantity of her care, a charge that could leave him broke. Further anguish for Grantly awaits him in the school when Ruth Kirby, upon sitting an British A-Level mock, finds out that they and all of those other A-Level students, happen to be trained the books looking for the prior years exams, and also have no understanding of the present years set texts. The large mistake Grantly leave his career hanging with a thread. Elsewhere, Charlie breaks some not so good news upon Jess and Harry, further fuelling dislike in the pair, along with a face from Karen’s past returns.

The brand new term begins at Waterloo Road with new arrivals for staff and students. As a result of the boys’ poor exam grades, Karen and Chris introduce a brand new single-sex teaching initiative, much towards the disdain of staff and pupils. Especially unimpressed may be the formidable new Mind of Pastoral Care, Adanna Lawal, who rallies all of those other staffroom into action from the segregation. New boy Kyle Stack (George Sampson) gets to the college, filled with mother and Rottweiler, Manic. Kyle’s first action at Waterloo Road is really a violent clash with Finn Sharkey, leading him towards the cooler. Inside, he meets Bex and, although concerned at her distress, attempts to comfort her, simply to have her make allegations of sexual assault from him to Karen and Chris. As a result of this, Kyle pushes the limitations and demands Bex be truthful. What lengths will Kyle go? Meanwhile, Ruby asks Janeece to become her classroom assistant as a result of her continuous failure to manage the pupils conduct.

Harry’s cry for attention veers unmanageable as he steals Karen’s phone and results in turmoil among the employees of Waterloo Road. Meanwhile, Chris and Karen get their hands full using the school business initiative contest and Tom struggles to readjust throughout his first day back. When Karen and Harry arrived at blows over his falling grades, a disgruntled Harry will get his revenge by causing mischief with Karen’s phone, delivering incendiary emails to another staff within the guise of his mother. As prevalent anger and paranoia spread with the school, Karen is confronted with an unpredicted staffroom revolt. Sambuca Kelly returns towards the school.

The secrecy surrounding Cesca’s relationship with Jonah is finally lifted when she hands in her own resignation to Karen. Elsewhere, Adanna unveils her latest intend to unite the sexes Denzil conducts a existence-threatening stunt and inventive variations threaten Ruby and Grantly’s writing partnership. Inside a bid to finally go public together with her relationship with Jonah, Cesca hands her notice in a shocked Karen and Chris having a fabricated story about her father being sick. However, when a number of occasions arouses Chris’s accusations, he follows the happy couple and lastly uncovers the reality, delivering shockwaves through Waterloo Road and getting the wrath of both Karen and Marcus.

It is the day’s the Waterloo Road pantomime and there is drama both off and on-stage as Finn will get Kyle intentionally began the cast, Cesca and Jonah hurry to obtain married and Denzil’s latest stunt leads to tragedy. When Finn goads Kyle right into a fight, he will get Kyle began the cast and takes the key role themself – much to Sambuca’s disgust. The bickering continues between Finn and Sambuca and, because the script veers suddenly off target, Kyle and Denzil exact an explosive payback, delivering Adanna’s good intentions in smoke and causing possible fatality for Finn.

Three different box teams of the sixth series was launched. The very first ten instances of the series were released on 7 Feb 2011, and also the back ten episodes were released on 20 June 2011. All twenty episodes were later released together on 16 The month of january 2012. These were released having a “15” British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) certificate (meaning it’s unacceptable for viewing by individuals younger than fifteen years).