Wat Mahannapharam Worawihan or Wat Mahan, also referred to as Wat Mahanop, is really a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand. The very first condition school for everyone in Thailand started in the temple in 1884.

Based on historic records, Wat Mahannapharam Worawihan was built within the reign of King Rama III (1824-1851) with a boy of Rama III. The development started in 1850 using the king supplying 80,000 baht. Nevertheless it was just finished in the reign of King Rama IV (1851-1868) once the new king provided an additional another 80,000 baht. The specific temple means “the truly amazing abode water”, talking about the Ocean of Samsara, the endless cycle of birth, dying and rebirth.

The very first public school in Thailand started at Wat Mahannapharam through the abbot from the temple after an instruction was from Rama V encouraging temples to setup new schools for that common individuals 1884. It had been the start of mass education in Thailand. A statue of Rama V was later erected in the wat to mark the centenary from the founding from the school.

It’s been a nationwide Historic Site since 1949.

The primary Buddha image within the bot from the temple may be the 500 years old Luang Pho Ruang Buddha in the old capital of Sukhothai.

A unique part of the temple is the fact that devotees from the temple may donate rattan takraw balls, and kids may take part in the takraw game inside the temple compound.