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Paul Shorey Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D. (August 3, 1857 – April 24, 1934) was a united states classical scholar.

Shorey was created at Davenport, Iowa. After graduating from Harvard in 1878, he studied in Europe at Leipzig, Bonn, Athens, and Munich (Ph.D., 1884). He would be a professor at a number of institutions from 1885 forward. Professor Shorey offered at Bryn Mawr College (1885-92), then primarily in the College of Chicago. In 1901-02 he was professor within the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, A holiday in greece, as well as in 1913-14 he was Roosevelt professor within the College of Berlin. Professor Shorey is made part of the nation’s Institute of Arts and Letters. From 1908 he was managing editor of Classical Philology.

He died in Chicago. After his dying, one of several articles printed about him stated that he understood all 15,693 lines from the Iliad off by heart.



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A home in College of Chicago College housing is known as in Shorey’s recognition. Shorey House was situated in Pierce Tower until that building’s destruction in 2013 and it is now situated in Worldwide House.

Shorey’s student, Harold F. Cherniss, would be a well-known historian of ancient philosophy in the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and defended Shorey’s unitarian interpretation of Plato in a number of influential books. Shorey’s views thus grew to become a main theme of later debates over Plato and Aristotle.