Image by/from Julie Moxley

Third Street Bridge is really a bridge in Cannon Falls, Minnesota that crosses the Cannon River. It’s a Pennsylvania through truss bridge built of steel. The bridge is 184.3 ft (56.2 m) lengthy and 17.7 ft (5.4 m) wide. It had been on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. It’s also area of the “Iron and Steel Bridges in Minnesota” Multiple Property Nomination.

The Minnesota Highway Commission was without design control of many bridges built-in the condition in early twentieth century, however they could influence the plans via financial incentives. Louis P. Wolff, who also designed Bridge No. 12 in Goodhue County, designed the plans with this bridge, and also the town of Cannon Falls searched for funding in the condition. The condition highway commission made some minor changes towards the plans before approving them. The Pennsylvania through truss design is comparatively uncommon in Minnesota.

An August 2014 set of the bridge highlights the bridge is within fair to poor condition and it is published having a weight limit of 5 tons. Once the bridge was inspected, the stringers and floorbeams were corroded, the paint was failing, the bridge bearings were frozen in position, and also the concrete abutments and wing walls were scaled and cracked.