The Meads of Asphodel really are a British black metal band with pronounced medieval, Arab, punk, and progressive metal influences from Herts within the Uk.

This guitar rock band was created in mid-1998 by Metatron and Jaldaboath. The mentioned aim being to “create heavy guitar-based original Black Metal with Medieval/Eastern influences along with a lyrical concept produced from Christ’s mortality, Scriptural Apocrypha, Fallen Angels and Dying.” Their demo releases The Bemoaning of Metatron and Metatron and also the Red Gleaming Serpent acquired them a large amount of critical attention within the subterranean metal press, even receiving mentions from such mainstream sources as Kerrang! magazine, plus they soon signed to Supernal Music following the discharge of their broadly acclaimed final demo The Watchers of Catal Huyuk. Their albums, particularly 2001’s The Excommunication of Christ explore conceptual styles based on an anti-Christian interpretation from the Bible and Apocrypha. Despite a fluctuating line-up, this guitar rock band is constantly on the release well-received music.

Among the band’s most consistent features is the utilization of guest musicians. Through the years they’ve were built with a large roster of visitors including people of Hawkwind, Sigh, Amebix, Mael Mordha, Taake, as well as an actual Rabbi.