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Robert Hartig (born: Heinrich Julius Adolph Robert Hartig, 30 May 1839, in Braunschweig – died 9 October 1901, in Munich) would be a German forestry researcher and mycologist.

He was educated in the Collegium Carolinum of Braunschweig, and also at Berlin. In 1878 he was hired professor of botany at Munich. Hartig made significant contributions to understanding of vegetable pathology. Just before his investigations around the progressive stages of disease in trees, little or free have been done in this region, to ensure that Hartig might be considered the founding father of arboreal pathology.

Hartig labored in Eberswalde (1867-1878) and Munich (1878-1901), mainly in forest pathology.

He was the boy of Theodor Hartig (1805-1880) and grand son of Georg Ludwig Hartig (1764-1837).