Ray Mead (1921-1998) would be a Canadian abstract expressionist painter along with a founding person in the performers collective Painters Eleven. Born in Watford, United kingdom, Mead gone to live in Hamilton, Ontario in 1946. He labored continuously until his dying in 1998 in Toronto. A posthumous retrospective of his work occured at Howard Scott Gallery in New You are able to City in 1998.

In 1949, Mead met Hortense Gordon in Hamilton and that he was incorporated within the Abstracts in your own home exhibition locked in 1953 in the Robert Simpson Company, Toronto. He became a member of Painters Eleven once the group was created later that year. In Canada’s conservative art world their early exhibitions were met with disdain. Nonetheless, Painters Eleven attracted U.S. exposure having a effective exhibition, Twentieth Annual Exhibition of yankee Abstract Artists with “Painters Eleven of Canada in 1956, using the American Abstract Artists in the Riverside Gallery in New You are able to, and were recognized through the influential critic Clement Greenberg on the visit he compensated to Toronto in 1957. Within the Canadian press, the group’s most ardent supporter was art critic Robert Fulford. The audience formally disbanded in 1960.