The Racket Club would be a resort in Palm Springs, California, founded by actors Charles Farrell and Rob Bellamy, which opened up on December 15, 1934. Initially developed with two tennis courts, it expanded to incorporate a pool, the “Bamboo Room” bar, bungalows, and much more courts. Julie Copeland was the longtime Tennis Hostess. It offered like a gathering place and party venue for a lot of Hollywood’s show business elite. Within the 1970s it endured a decline after an enormous fire on This summer 23, 2014, it had been totally destroyed.

The Jack Benny Program (also broadcast because the Jack Benny Show), a 1932-1965 television and radio series, featured an invisible episode entitled “Murder in the Racket Club” on March 9, 1941.

The Star Studded Ride, a 1954 video clip, featured stars Gussie Moran and Dave Gillam in the Racket Club.

Pin-up professional photographer Bruno Bernard is credited with first photographing Lana Turner in the Racket Club in 1947 also it what food was in the club pool where she met talent agent Johnny Hyde.