Parsons Mead School would be a private women school founded by Jessie Elliston in Ashtead, Surrey, England, which existed from 1897 to 2006.

Jessie Elliston (1858-1942) was created in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. The household gone to live in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, where she increased up. After her mother died and her father remarried, Elliston made the decision she would need to make her very own means by existence. She grew to become a governess and labored for a lot of wealthy families, such as the Bonham Carters, teaching the kids until these were ready for boarding school. She finally gone to live in Leatherhead Vicarage, where she came around the recommendation of Mrs. Bonham Carter who had been associated with Mrs. Utterton. Once the Utterton children no more needed a governess, it had been Canon Utterton who recommended a big change obviously by beginning her very own school. With this date, Elliston is at her late 30s, with little money, and battling against deafness but had her experience teaching children.

The college started in Ashtead in 1897 to organize the kids of gentlemen for home existence. Elliston started the venture by having an aunt, Eleanora Elliston, certainly one of her father’s siblings, however the partnership wasn’t successful: Eleanora left one evening, getting taken all of the capital, about £200, from the bank, departing Jessie penniless. Parents and buddies found the save with a few financial support.

In 1901, Elliston moved the college to bigger premises inside a house known as Claverton, that was through the cricket field on Woodfield Lane, Ashtead. (Retirement flats now occupy the website, however the estate maintains the name Claverton.) By 1904, the college required to move again, and Elliston rented Parsons Mead, Ottways Lane, a sizable house built-in the 1860s. The name reflects the location’s history like a field of the neighborhood local clergy.

Because the school increased, the 1860s house was extended and new structures added. The curriculum expanded from domestic and art courses to some full-range of subjects including science and maths.

In 1957, the college stopped to become independently owned and it was made an academic trust.

In This summer 2005, basically two people from the Parson’s Mead Educational Trust resigned and were substituted with company directors from the Vernon Educational Trust (operators of Danes Hill School in Oxshott), a big change which was later stated to participate a save plan, using the alternative being to market the college to some private firm. The save plan wasn’t effective and Parsons Mead closed on 7 This summer 2006, per month following the announcement of their closure. The school’s new trustees stated these were not able to help keep Parsons Mead pursuing the amount of pupils fell underneath the break-even point.

Parents requested the Charitable organization Commission to start an inquiry in June 2006, accusing the trust of running lower Parsons Mead to ensure that its assets might be employed for another school. The accusation was denied with a spokesperson for that Parsons Mead Educational Trust. The Charitable organization Commission issued an answer on 17 November 2006, stating “There don’t seem to be any problems that merit the outlet of the Inquiry or further analysis”.

The Chairwoman of Parsons Mead Trust was former Conservative education minister Dame Angela Rumbold, who stated the remaining assets could be include a trust to supply financial aid to local families seeking independent education for his or her children.

The Vernon Educational Trust and also the Parsons Mead Educational Trust were formally merged in August 2006. The Vernon Educational Trust therefore required possession from the Parson’s Mead School site, together with £2.two million in liabilities. The Vernon Educational Trust offered the website to Oracle Homes Residential Limited in August 2007 for £16 million under section 36 from the Non profit organizations Act. There is press speculation over whether Danes Hill School would take advantage of the purchase.

Destruction of Parsons Mead School commenced in September 2009, the website getting been offered on from Oracle Homes to Bewley Homes.