The NATO Medium Extended Air Immune System Management Agency (NAMEADSMA) is situated in Huntsville, Alabama. The company began by NATO in This summer 1996 to supervise the tri-national Medium Extended Air Immune System (MEADS), some pot military project meant to switch the aging MIM-104 Patriot missile system.

The U . s . States funds 58 percent from the MEADS program, and European partners Germany and Italia provide 25 % and 17 % correspondingly. MEADS development jobs are allotted in compliance with national funding. Personnel in the U . s . States, Germany, and Italia staff the company.

As contracting authority supplying control over the MEADS program with respect to the participating nations, NAMEADSMA accounts for handling the system acquisition. The U.S. and Italia signed the Development and design (D&D) MOU on 24 and 27 September 2004, correspondingly. The NAMEADSMA awarded the MEADS D&D letter contract to MEADS Worldwide Corporation. on 28 September 2004, initiating the MEADS Development and design (D&D) phase. The MOU was amended in March 2005 through the U.S. and Italia to permit the German Parliament more hours for his or her signature decision, as well as on 22 April 2005 Germany signed the MOU. NAMEADSMA awarded a $3.4 billion D&D definitized contract to MEADS Worldwide Corporation. on 31 May 2005.

MEADS has been coded in compliance with Worldwide Common Operational Needs that decision for abilities not met by current systems. MEADS incorporates the hit-to-kill PAC-3 MSE missile inside a system which includes 360-degree surveillance and fire control sensors, netted-distributed fight management/communication centers, and-firepower launchers. The machine combines superior battlefield protection with unparalleled versatility, letting it safeguard maneuver forces and also to provide homeland defense against tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and aircraft.