Nard Johnson (1904-1972) was a united states author, most widely known for his novels occur Or and also the Off-shore Northwest.

Based on Jones’ self-description in “Puget Seem Profiles”,

he was created in San antonio and graduated with honors from Whitman College, beginning his career like a campus correspondent for that Walla Walla Daily Bulletin. He was chief editorial author for that San antonio Publish-Intelligencer

He authored and narrated short tales for that radio program “Puget Seem Profiles” broadcast in early 1960s on more than a dozen Washington Condition stations for example KOMO (AM), KTAC, KAGT and much more.

He described themself being an “united nations-reconstructed Puget Sounder — a salmon eater, an apple knocker, a rain worshiper, a sage-brusher, a whistle punk in the big forest along with a fancier of mountain peaks at sunrise”.

Johnson resided and labored in a number of parts of america but centered on Puget Seem Country. He authored over 300 short tales for magazines and 17 books (12 novels).

He resided within the town of Weston, Or together with his parents between 1919 and 1927.

Jones’ first novel, Or Detour, was occur a imaginary Or capital of scotland- 600 occupants known as “Creston”. When his novel, written based on the tenets from the New Realism literary movement (established years before by Sherwood Anderson, Sinclair Lewis yet others) was printed in 1930, most of the residents of Weston were believing that his figures were according to local occupants, and regarded the job a slander from the town. As the legend that Johnson was sued and ran on vacation for his book isn’t true, people from the town made an attempt to suppress local accessibility book: copies from the novel were stolen in the local library following the novel grew to become the topic for any senior high school student’s book report, his British teacher removed it from both studying list and also the senior high school library. Based on George Venn, local literary historian, even just in the 1980s “trying to puzzle out or attempting to remember who the ‘real people’ within the novel continues to be a nearby pastime.”