The Meads Cup is really a rugby union trophy named after King Country and all sorts of Blacks player Colin Meads. It’s contested throughout the Heartland Championship. It was initially awarded in the year 2006, once the Heartland Championship format was introduced.

At the moment, all 12 Heartland Championship teams play 8 games over 8 days prior to the finals. Once finished, the very best 4 advance towards the Meads Cup finals. The teams rated 5-8 play for that Lochore Cup. Formerly, a swimming pool system was utilized between 2006 and 2010.

The Meads Cup champion is decided in four-team single-elimination tournament. The semi-final matchups are seeded 1-4 and a pair of-3, using the greater seed receiving home field advantage. The greatest remaining seed hosts the Meads Cup final.