Image by/from Degen Earthfast

Tecnu is definitely an over-the-counter skin cleanser made by Tec Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company located in Albany, Or. It’s meant for use by humans and furry pets after topical contact with urushiol, the active component in poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac. Tecnu is made of deodorized mineral spirits, water, propylene glycol, octylphenoxy-polythoxethanol, mixed essential fatty acid soap, and scent.

The cleanser was introduced by former Mead Manley executive and chemist Dr. Robert Cruz noisy . 1960s. Tecnu, for “Technically New,” was meant to remove radioactive fallout dust from skin. Many years later, his wife discovered another use for that cleanser. After an contact with poison oak, she washed with Tecnu and didn’t get urushiol-caused contact eczema.

In 1977 the organization started to promote Tecnu to foresters, firefighters, surveyors, and utility crews. It’s since be a popular fix for gardeners yet others who live and deal with poison ivy.

Tecnu’s effectiveness for postexposure treatment is proven inside a nonrandomized study, where the authors concluded: “Our study demonstrated 70%, 61.8%, and 56.4% protection with Tecnu, Goop, and Dial, correspondingly, in comparison to the positive control, in order to the potential maximum response, having a cost per ounce (inside a local drug and automotive store) of $1.25, $.07, and $.07, correspondingly, for home loan business protection that’s nonsignificant.” Market research article can also be available.