Mori Bawah, also referred to as Lower Mori or East Mori, is definitely an Austronesian language from the Celebic branch. It is among the principal languages from the Morowali Regency in Central Sulawesi.

Mori Bawah is classed as part of the Bungku-Tolaki number of languages, and shares its nearest affinities with Bungku along with other languages from the eastern seaboard of Sulawesi, for example Wawonii and Kulisusu. Together, Mori Bawah and also the Mori Atas language are occasionally known with each other through the cover term ‘Mori’.

Mori Bawah comprises several ‘languages’. Following Esser, five ‘languages’ could be considered as principal.

The Tinompo dialect is greatest in prestige. Tinompo was the dialect spoken through the indigenous royal class, as well as in the very first 1 / 2 of the 20th century it had been further promoted by colonial government bodies like a standard through the Mori area, including for Mori Atas and Padoe.