Michael Raoul-Duval (This summer 18, 1936 – April 20, 2001) was a good investment banker and lawyer within the U . s . States who’d Senior White-colored House positions while serving under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, where he rose towards the position of Special Counsel towards the President.

Michael Duval is really a tennis player and finished Georgetown College in 1961 and received his law degree at Hastings College from the Law in Bay Area in 1967.


Duval grew to become staff assistant to President Nixon in 1970, planning and scheduling foreign journeys, after as being a lawyer in the Federal Aviation Administration. He rose to Domestic Council Director for Energy and Transportation.

Under President Ford, Duval ongoing his act as Domestic Council Director coupled with frequent use of Ford, frequently relaxing in on conferences between your President and people of Congress, cabinet officials, or representatives of economic, industry, and labor. He later grew to become Executive Director from the Intelligence Coordinating Group, to research alleged intelligence community abuses of authority. They prepared some tips about intelligence community reform and drafted a professional To implement President Ford’s decisions.

Following the ICG completed its operate in early 1976, Duval started working carefully with now Vice-President Dick Cheney, to pay attention to Ronald Reagan’s spring primary elections. In June, Cheney advised Raoul‑Duval yet others to draft a “rose garden” technique for the autumn election campaign. In This summer he revised and expanded this tactic memo into a general strategy arrange for the autumn campaign that Ford later approved. Duval’s last role in Ford’s White-colored House was special counsel to President Ford.

Duval later became a member of the Mead Corporation in Dayton, Ohio, in 1977 to get senior v . p .. Back In 1984, he gone to live in the very first Boston Corporation in New You are able to where he grew to become part of its management committee. He created the Duval Group in 1990, a brand new You are able to investment banking firm focusing on worldwide mergers.

He later gone to live in Santa Fe where he opened up an investment banking firm Michael Duval & Associates where he was chairman until he upon the market in 1999. Also, he grew to become involved like a student and Board Person in Dr. Courtney Brown’s Farsight Institute , going through the science of remote viewing, the formerly classified Central Intelligence Agency and DIA program established in early 1970s through Stanford Research Institute.

He died from ms on April 20, 2001.

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