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The Joey Bishop Show is definitely an American sitcom starring performer Joey Bishop that aired on NBC from September 1961, to The month of january 1964. After NBC canceled the series because of low ratings, it had been selected up by CBS where it aired because of its 4th and final season.

Executive created by Danny Thomas, The Joey Bishop Show is really a spin-from Thomas’ series The Danny Thomas Show.

The series was created like a vehicle for performer Joey Bishop by Danny Thomas and Louis F. Edelman in 1960. At that time, Thomas was starring in the own series, Make Room for Father (later referred to as Danny Thomas Show), airing on CBS. Thomas’ series ended up being a high-20 hit and offered like a launching pad for that Joey Bishop Show. The series’ pilot episode, titled “Everything Transpires with Me”, aired on March 27, 1961, throughout the eighth season of Danny Thomas.

Within the pilot, an incompetent Hollywood “pr man” named Joey Mason (Bishop) forgets to create proper accommodations to have an exhausted Danny Johnson (Thomas) after he comes to La to experience a motion picture. Joey will be made to put Danny up in your home he explains to his colorful parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mason (performed by Billy Gilbert and Madge Blake) and 2 unmarried siblings, Gloria (Virginia Vincent) and ambitious actress Stella (Marlo Thomas).

When the series was selected up by NBC, Bishop’s character’s name was altered to Joey Barnes (Bishop had was adamant his character and that he share exactly the same initials) and also the character of Joey’s father was dropped. Two additional figures were added a more youthful brother named Ray, and Frank, the husband of Joey’s older sister Gloria. The series’ first incarnation features Joey, a properly-intending but new and trouble-prone youthful man, who works best for the Hollywood pr firm, Willoughby, Cleary and Johnson. The firm is headed by J.P. Willoughby (John Griggs), Joey’s demanding boss. Willoughby’s secretary, Barbara Simpson (Nancy Hadley), is Joey’s girlfriend. Joey lives with and supports his widowed mother, Mrs. Barnes (Madge Blake), more youthful sister Stella (Marlo Thomas) and more youthful brother Ray (Warren Berlinger), who’s a clinical student. Joey will also support his older sister Gloria (Virginia Vincent) and her proudly unemployed husband Frank (Joe Flynn).

The storylines throughout the first season typically center around Joey’s misadventures concerning his job. Problems also arise when family people, who frequently think he’s more influence in Hollywood than he really has, attempt to benefit from his nonexistent influence. Because the series would be a spin-from the Danny Thomas Show, Danny Thomas and Marjorie Lord made an appearance his or her Danny Thomas figures within the first season’s 4th episode titled “Here’s Your Existence”. Sid Melton, who made an appearance as Uncle Charley Halper on Danny Thomas, also made an appearance.

Upon its September 1961 premiere, the series battled within the ratings. In order to improve viewership, NBC made the decision to “readjust” the series. Several figures, including Joey’s older sister Gloria, brother-in-law Frank, and girlfriend Barbara Simpson, were dropped. Several crew people were also ignored. The alterations helped the series’ ratings and NBC restored it for any second season.

Following the first season, Bishop made the decision to alter the format from the series. Additionally towards the format altering, The Joey Bishop Show started filming before an active audience as well as featured a completely different supporting cast. Within the second incarnation, Joey Barnes may be the host of the New You are able to City talk/variety tv program. Abby Dalton became a member of the cast as Joey’s new wife Ellie (whom Joey known as “Texas” because she hailed from Texas) and also the two live in the Carlton Arms, a posh Manhattan apartment building. For the finish of season two, Ellie finds out she’s pregnant using the couple’s first child. Their boy, Joey Barnes, Junior. (performed by Dalton’s real boy Matthew David Cruz), was created within the season-two finale “The Infant Cometh”. Also joining the cast was Guy Marks, who portrayed Freddie, Joey’s manager. Marks left the series after 19 episodes and Corbett Monica became a member of the cast as Ray Corbett, Joey’s mind author. The supporting cast includes Mary Treen as Hilda, the Barnes’ maid and baby nurse, that Joey frequently trades insults. Joe Besser portrayed Mr. Jillson, the building’s goofy and henpecked super who resides in anxiety about his wife, Tantalia, who’s never witnessed but frequently heard.

Storylines through out the series’ run mainly concentrate on Joey’s home existence, but additionally feature storylines involving Joey’s job like a television host. As a result, various celebrities (who typically made an appearance as themselves) who have been visitors on Joey Barnes’ talk show made an appearance through the series’ run. Even though the second incarnation from the series was apparently unrelated towards the first incarnation, the series featured Danny Thomas in 2 season-three episodes: “Danny Gives Joey Advice” and “Andy Johnson Visits Joey”. Rusty Hamer, who made an appearance on Danny Thomas as Rusty Johnson, also made an appearance as his character in three season-four episodes: “Rusty Arrives”, “Rusty’s Education”, and “Joey Entertains Rusty’s Fraternity”.

The Joey Bishop Show featured many celebrity guest stars who made an appearance as themselves. One of the celebrity guest stars are:

Actors who made an appearance in guest starring roles include:

One Season 3 episode from the Joey Bishop Show has become considered lost. The episode, known only as #85, was filmed on November 15, 1963 and guest appeared comedian and impressionist Vaughn Meader. Meader rose to fame in early 1960s for his comedy impersonation of then-President John F. Kennedy featured around the popular comedy album The Very First Family. The episode focused on Meader performing his Kennedy impersonation in routines opposite Joey Bishop. Per week after filming, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. President Kennedy’s dying quickly ended Meader’s career – his club bookings and tv appearances were rapidly canceled and the albums were pulled from stores. The episode featuring Meader was scheduled to air in Feb 1964, but was pulled by NBC. The episode never aired and it was apparently destroyed.

The series was produced by Louis F. Edelman and Danny Thomas who also offered because the executive producer. The series was created by Thomas’ company, Bellmar Enterprises. It had been filmed at Desilu Studios before an active studio audience, having a laugh track added during publish-production for “sweetening” purposes.

Upon its debut on NBC in 1961, The Joey Bishop Show was telecast in black-and-white-colored. One Season 1 episode, “A Windfall For Mother”, was shot and broadcast colored. During its second and third seasons, the series switched to paint. After it gone to live in CBS for that 1964-65 season, it reverted to black-and-white-colored.

Upon its premiere, The Joey Bishop Show battled within the ratings. Following the first re-tooling, ratings for that series improved and NBC restored it for any second season. The series’ second revamped season demonstrated to become well-liked by audiences and ratings elevated. Through the finish from the third season, the series had dropped within the ratings again and NBC announced it might be dropped from the selection in The month of january 1964 (the series’ third-season finale episode aired in May 1964). During this time period, Danny Thomas made the decision to finish his series after eleven years despite its still high ratings. To pay for Thomas’ absence, CBS immediately selected in the Joey Bishop Show for that 1964-65 television season.

The Growing Season 4 season opener, “Joey Would go to CBS”, premiered on Sunday night September 27, 1964 at 9:30 P.M. opposite NBC’s very popular western series Bonanza. Consequently, ratings for that Joey Bishop Show were low. By late fall 1964, ratings hadn’t improved. In order to save the series, CBS moved it to Tuesday nights. Ratings still continued to be low and CBS announced the series’ cancellation in The month of january 1965. The series finale aired on March 30, 1965.

Instances of The Joey Bishop Show aired on television Land in 1998. In 2016, the series started airing on Retro TV.

Antenna TV announced in October 2016 it might begin airing the series the next The month of january, such as the rarely seen first season.

In September 2004, Questar Entertainment released the entire second season from the Joey Bishop Display on Region 1 DVD within the U . s . States.

On March 13, 2018, SFM Entertainment (written by Allied Vaughn) released cooler months along with a “Complete Series” focused on DVD in Region 1 via Amazon .’s CreateSpace program. They are Manufacture-on-Demand (MOD) releases, available solely through Amazon . com.