Image by/from Jim.henderson

Russeks would be a mall at 390 Fifth Avenue, in the intersection with West 36th Street in Midtown Manhattan, New You are able to City

The organization was co-founded by siblings Frank Russek and Isidore H. Russek, and grew to become Russeks Fifth Avenue, Corporation.

Russeks began like a furrier in New You are able to City noisy . 1900s, and expanded into luxury clothes and accessories. In 1924, they opened up a store on 390 Fifth Avenue and West 36th Street. It was 390 Fifth Avenue, created by Stanford White-colored of McKim, Mead & White-colored, and finished in 1904-1905 for that Gorham Manufacturing Company.

Within the 1940s (a minimum of), they’d a store in Detroit.

In Feb 1959, they announced the closure of the Fifth Avenue store, after 5 years of losses, but would still be employed in hotel and suburban locations. In 1960, the brand new owner, Spear Securities, remodelled the outside of the low floors.