Mister Nathaniel Mead (died 1760), of Goosehays, near Romford, Kent, was an British lawyer and politician who sitting in the home of Commons from 1715 to 1722.

Mead was the boy of William Mead of Goosehays. He was accepted at Middle Temple in 1700 and it was known as towards the bar in 1704. His first wife’s identity is unrecorded, but his second wife was Martha Scawen, daughter of Mister Thomas Scawen. He grew to become Serjeant-at-law in The month of january 1715 and it was knighted on 17 Feb 1715. By now he seemed to be under-steward of Havering-atte-Bower.

Mead was unsuccessfully for Aylesbury in the 1713 general election. He was elected Person in Parliament (MP) for Aylesbury in the 1715 general election. He didn’t stand it 1722.

Mead died on 15 April 1760. He’d two sons from his first marriage along with a boy along with a daughter in the second.