Image by/from Painted by Henry Thomson, Engraved by P.W. Tompkins.

Nathan Drake (15 The month of january 1766-1836), British essayist and physician, boy of Nathan Drake, a painter, was created in You are able to. He established fact for his book summarizing the understanding of Shakespeare available at that time.

Drake was apprenticed to some physician in You are able to in 1780, as well as in 1786 began to Edinburgh College, where he required his degree as M.D. in 1789. In 1790 he setup like a doctor at Sudbury, Suffolk, where he found a romantic friend in John Mason Good (died 1827). In 1792, Drake relocated to Hadleigh, where he died in 1836.

Drake’s works include several volumes of literary essays, and a few papers led to medical periodicals, but his most significant production was:

The title sufficiently signifies the scope of the ample work, that has the merit, states G. G. Gervinus “of getting introduced together the very first time right into a whole the tiresome and scattered material from the editions and the rest of the valuable labours of Tyrwhitt, Heath, Ritson, etc”.

An essential medical work of Drake’s is On using Digitalis in Consumption (five papers printed within the Medical and Physical Journal, London, 1799-1800). His Literary Hrs (1798) were exceedingly popular at the start of the 1800s (fourth erectile dysfunction., 1820).

Drake can also be credited with finding the poet Henry Neele.