Image by/from Uryah and Chris Down/Asenine

Mike Mead is definitely an American drummer.

Mead is mainly noted for his use Phil Keaggy on his late 1980s and early 1990s rock ‘n roll records Sunday’s Child, Find Me During These Fields and Crimson and Blue Steve Taylor on I Predict 1990 and Squint in addition to with Randy Stonehill, Ron Cua, and Dave Perkins. Mead seemed to be part of Chagall Guevara on MCA records in early 1990s, together with Taylor, Perkins, Lynn Nichols, and bassist Wade Jaynes. Other notable tracks were with White-colored Heart, White-colored Mix and Kenny Marks. Additionally to studio work, Mead also toured the united states and Europe with Chagall, White-colored Heart and Marks.

Mead seemed to be part of the Empathy Worldwide All-Star band with Keaggy, Cua, Stonehill, Margaret Becker yet others.

Mead presently resides in Nashville, Tennessee together with his wife well over 29 many has three grandchildren. He no more is active in the record companies.